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We commercialise ideas in the green space, providing access to products, suppliers and expertise for companies looking to play their part in ‘saving the planet’.

Adding value

We act as a platform to provide customers and partners with much needed solutions and adding significant value to our clients’ businesses, whilst adhering to a robust set of parameters to ensure objectives are achieved in an ethical way.
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How we help

Taking ideas from concept to commercialisation

Solving customers’ supply needs through searching and sourcing

Undertaking expert research and investigations

We help our clients source the funding needed for growth

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Nurturing talent

GreneRoots is also about giving young people a chance. We are always on the lookout for talent, ideas, and people who want to get on. We are all about doing.Together, we believe we can truly make a difference and by combining our skills, expertise and enthusiasm, we can be part of both our own and our partners’ success.

Our founders

GreneRoots Ltd was officially formed in 2021 by Nigel Ford and Charlie Curson. Both founders have worked in industry for their entire careers, operating in and around what is now commonly referred to as the ‘green space’.

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Nigel Ford

Nigel has been a major player in the agricultural and horticultural sector for over 40 years primarily in the seed trade. His main interest is land use and how seed can be used - in its many forms – as a tool to solve a myriad of problems and improve the environment.

Charlie Curson

Charlie has worked with hundreds of organisations over the past 20+ years, in almost every sector. He has a wealth of experience, from developing and implementing strategies for global corporations, to coaching and mentoring start-ups and scale-ups through their early growth stages.

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